Serbia vs Brazil betting tip

Serbia vs Brazil Prediction: Serbia Asian Handicap +0.50 in ordinary time at odds 2.81

Final result: Loss
+2.68 %Yield
stake7/10 nikolaqq has a stake of 7/10 in winning this bet.

Serbia vs Brazil Tip Analysis

World Cup, Serbia vs Brazil
My bet: Serbia wins with asian hendicap +0,5
Stake: 7

Brazil is awfull this world cup and I dont think they are able to do anything. Even if they win today, I think they will not go far this cup. Serbia on the other hand is not great eather but sometimes they win vs great teams and maybe today will that be the case. Serbia is very tall team - around 10 cm taller than Brazil and we could see upset from corner. If Serbia wins, they will knock out Brazil - can a team ask for better motivation. I can see Brazil cracking under pressure.

Final result
0 Return
7 stake
-7 Profit