Serbia vs Brazil betting tip

Serbia vs Brazil Prediction: Serbia to win against Brazil at odds 8.50

Final result: Loss
+2.68 %Yield
stake3/10 nikolaqq has a stake of 3/10 in winning this bet.

Serbia vs Brazil Tip Analysis

World Cup, Serbia vs Brazil
My bet: Serbia wins
Stake: 3

Its crazy tip but I have to try it. Serbia always wins vs good teams and loses to teams like Switzerland or even worse ones. I really like these odds even tho Serbia didnt play well last game. But Serbian team is 10 cm taller in average than Brazilian team so a goal or 2 from corners is very possible. I ll try this with max bet because Brazil doesnt play tht good this tournament. Also, Brazil is under pressure to win while Serbia is not and that is also a plus for Serbia.

Final result
0 Return
3 stake
-3 Profit