Switzerland vs Costa Rica betting tip

Switzerland vs Costa Rica Prediction: Switzerland Asian Handicap -1.00 in ordinary time at odds 2.47

Final result: Loss
+8.56 %Tip.yield
stake10/10 ekklesi has a stake of 10/10 in winning this bet.

Switzerland vs Costa Rica Tip Analysis

switzerland are at their all time high right now, they played brilliantly in the qualifiers as well as in preparation matches, and they recently got a point against brazil. if they do well against serbia the odds might drop so i think an early bet is a good idea here. costa rica played 7 preparation matches and had enormous problems against spain, england and belgium. the highest placed team they managed not to lose against was northern ireland who are not nearly as solid as switzerland imo. also, by the time this match kicks off costa rica might be in a hopeless situation and switzerland might be chasing a good goal difference. i think 2.47 on ah-1 is a great offer, gl.

Final result
0 Return
10 stake
-10 Profit