South Korea vs Germany betting tip

South Korea vs Germany Prediction: Germany to win against South Korea at odds 1.25

Final result: Loss
+3.18 %Yield
stake10/10 SLIPKNOT 2002 has a stake of 10/10 in winning this bet.

South Korea vs Germany Tip Analysis

Hallo all

Here, we have another SINGLEBET, from the World Cup....

Third game for Germany.... in the GHroup Stage

Yeah... basically.... Germany need 6 points now, after the defeat vs Mexico.... thats for sure... even the recent performances werent good at all.... you have to expect a clear reaction..... from a team like Germany... thats as clear as it gets..... in my opinion

There are still alot of problems, as it seems for Germany but on the other side, Mexico did perform very very strong and they might have been... the strongest team, in the Group Stage, for Germany.....

Opponent South Korea.... they really did not impress anyone... i think.... in this game against say the least....

They have some good players also but they often look very scared, in tournamnts like this....

So, you have to expect a win, from Germany here,,,, nothing else

1.22 - 1.25.... is very good..... i got mine from Marathonbet.... avg 1.21

good luck all

Final result
0 Return
10 stake
-10 Profit