Nigeria vs Argentina betting tip

Nigeria vs Argentina Prediction: Nigeria European Handicap 2 - 0 in ordinary time at odds 1.77

Final result: Win
+4.22 %Yield
stake10/10 TheTrollmanSha has a stake of 10/10 in winning this bet.

Nigeria vs Argentina Tip Analysis

this is the other match for the group with iceland and croatia and here when nigeria will play against argentina i see chances for nigeria to not win this match by more than 1 goal and so i pick this asian handicap + 1.5 bet on them. argentina have only 1 point after 2 matches, they have to only win here but if iceland will win tomorrow or draw they will still risk the elemination. nigeria with at least a draw tomorrow will still have chances to pass the turn and because argentina showed problem in defense in these 2 matchses i see the nigeria able to not lose easily

Final result
17.7 Return
10 stake
7.7 Profit