Toulouse vs Monaco betting tip

Toulouse vs Monaco Prediction: Monaco to win against Toulouse at odds 1.91

Final result: Loss
+2.6 %Yield
stake9/10 dem0cracy has a stake of 9/10 in winning this bet.

Toulouse vs Monaco Tip Analysis

football - league 1 , in france . . we have toulouse vs monaco , my tip is on monaco to win the game at 1 . 91 on bet victor , quite a decent line , considering that toulouse is almost the last place , and struggling to leave the relegation zone , that they were in a few games ago , and monaco is going to fight for that champions league spot , monaco recently find the good form again , beating 4-0 and 4- 1 the last 2 matches , and i believe that they will emerge victorious from this match

Final result
0 Return
9 stake
-9 Profit