Maribor vs Sevilla betting tip

Maribor vs Sevilla Prediction: Sevilla to win against Maribor at odds 1.20

Final result: Loss
+3.22 %Yield
stake10/10 SLIPKNOT 2002 has a stake of 10/10 in winning this bet.

Maribor vs Sevilla Tip Analysis

Hallo all

Two more SINGLEBETS upcoming, for the last Champions League Group Stage matchday..... both from Wednesday

First is Maribor vs Sevilla

Sevilla will have several targets in this game... first they must make sure, that they don´t loose their second place to Spartak Moscow and second, they surely want to try, to take the first place away from Liverpool.... would be nice to win the group right .....

So, we can be really sure i guess, that they take this one, very seriously indeed and this game should come, in the right moment aswell, cause Sevilla is in great form...

They are ranked 5 in La Liga, which is surely very good of course and they won 4 of their last 5 La Liga matches aswell

Opponent Maribor..... yeah of course the adventure Champions League is surely over, after this match + the international adventure in general, as they will surely end the Group Stage on the last place

We should see nothing else, than a pretty clear win from Sevilla here....... end of the story...

Here aswell... take the 1.20 from Interwetten avg 1.18.... we will not see more

good luck all

Final result
0 Return
10 stake
-10 Profit