Bilbao Basket vs Alba Berlin betting tip

Bilbao Basket vs Alba Berlin Prediction: The match between Bilbao Basket and Alba Berlin will end with over 167.50 points in full event at odds 1.90

Final result: Win
+6.04 %Yield
stake10/10 tritonal has a stake of 10/10 in winning this bet.

Bilbao Basket vs Alba Berlin Tip Analysis

Eurocup regular season: Alba Berlin travels to Bilbao. Alba Berlin is on second place in group C with 3 wins and a loss. Bilbao dropped on 5th place after they lost the last 3 games played. Bet will be over 167,5 points Bilbao plays run`n`gun in Eurocup the line is set to low. For example all 4 games played by Bilbao so far in Eurocup easily had over 167 points: 176,189,188 and 188 points. The last head to head game had over 167 points: Alba-Bilbao 88-92, the line will go up until tomorrow Bilbao is a very fast team this game can end even with 180+ points.

Final result
19 Return
10 stake
9 Profit